Pleasure-Before-Business Day, Voestalpine FAE Sofia
At the beginning of October 2012 Advertising Care Ltd. organized the 15th anniversary celebration of Voestalpine FAE Sofia an Austrian-Bulgarian Railway Company. Our task was to place the companys employees into the cent...
Vi-Daylin ad campaign
AdCare Advertising Agency in cooperation with Europrint Bulgaria organized the advertising campaign for the product launch of the multivitamin childrens syrup Vi-Daylin of Abbott Products. The basic communication channels ...
German Christmas Market in Bulgaria
German Christmas Market in Bulgaria In December the first traditional German Christmas Market threw its doors open in the very heart of Sofia. We are very happy that our agency was the major creative partner of the event. ...
United Buddy Bears in Sofia
Between April 3rd and May 13th 2011, within the frames of the Weeks of Germany, 120 bears from United Buddy Bears were exposed in the Centre of Sofia in Sv. Nedelya Square. AdCare Advertising Agency was invited by Schenker ...
Euro Sky. Open, please!
AdCare Advertising Agency organized the inauguration event for the new business building of the Italian investor Tratch Invest in Sofia. The event was held under the motto Open, please!. For the purpose the building was bra...
eco = modern
Our team developed a new graphical look for Bulekopak AD, which aims to build an image that the separate collection of rubbish makes us part of the modern European environment. Objectives of the campaign: to raise the interes...
Play for life
We, at Advertising Care are committed to children in shelters. Therefore, we supported the initiative of the organization "One Life Charity" - a charity football tournament, the proceeds of which were donated to cancer childr...
The energy that changes your life
Advertising Care won the competition for advertising services of the Italian company Rila Gas, which started gasification of Southwest Bulgaria. Rila Gas represents Gruppo Acegas in Bulgaria. The campaign was launched with th...
Elemag supermarket ad campaign
The advertising agency ADCARE discovered the gourmet world. Supermarkets Elemag Gourmet launched a campaign named "Discover the world of gourmet temptations. So we developed a creative concept for several communication ch...
FIB image campaign
Advertising Agency ADCARE was ranked second among the 5 advertising agencies which were invited to tender for FIB image campaign.

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